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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 11:14:22 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 11, 8:28 am, Paul <> wrote:
> Hi
> My company has the need to manage data for multiple customers. High
> volume concurrent read and write access will be required to these
> databases, so I'm trying to determine what hardware scenario is best
> to support this requirement. Each database will be approx 0.5Tb in
> size, and there are around 10 customers, meaning an overall size of
> approx 5Tb.
> The scenarios I'm considering are:
> 1) One large physical server with local RAID storage, or poss external
> 2) Multiple small physical servers (prob blades) connected to SAN
> 3) Multiple small virtual servers connected to SAN
> The OS will be Linux (prob RHEL). When I'm using the word database
> above I'm meaning a set of data tables for a particular customer - I
> understand that this may have a different technical interpretation for
> Oracle.
> Any suggestions or pointers to further information would be
> appreciated. Please post further questions if I've missed important
> information.
> Many thanks
> Paul

I think hpuxrac pretty much covered it, I would just add:

You might consider checking licensing costs at the oracle store (though keep in mind you should be able to negotiate with your Oracle salesperson). The costs are not linear, small configuration changes can mean big bucks, and overshadow hardware costs. Standard Edition may be good enough for you, though Enterprise Edition may be required if you need to meet Service Level Agreements (because of the limitations of things like the Performance monitoring pack of EM). The doc set at covers some of this.

Check whether Oracle supports your idea of virtualization.


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