Re: Problem with silent install of 10.2.0

From: joel garry <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 10:24:37 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Apr 10, 11:27 am, wrote:
> I want to set up a silent install of 10.2.0 under RHEL4u5 I created a
> response file, but noticed that when I did so, the first screen of the
> installer was not the "Select Installation Method" screen I get with
> just ./runInstaller, but a "Welcome" screen instead. When I try to use
> the response file, I get an error:
> SEVERE:Values for the following variables could not be obtained from
> the command line or response file(s):
> DEP_MODE(InstallType),
> TLDepModes(TopLevelInstallType)
> Silent install cannot continue.
> Google turns up several instances of this happening, but no
> solutions. It looks like specifying -record changes the behavior of
> the installer, which is absolutely bizarre, but I don't know how else
> to explain this.
> I would greatly appreciate replies CCed to my email address ( jnojr in
> the Yahoo! domain). I do not have access to any usable Usenet
> servers, and am only using Google out of desperation. I don't know if
> I'll be able to track or find my post with Google Groups.

It's easy to track or find posts with google. Just put your name or email in the author column of the advanced group search. There's a lot more you can do, but that gets you started. See the search help. Of course, sometimes google randomly doesn't work right, but that's the web 2.0 way! :-)

Also see


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