Re: public DST patches for 10g?

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Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 09:23:50 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 11, 1:38 am, "Shakespeare" <> wrote:
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> > On Apr 9, 8:31 am, "Shakespeare" <> wrote:
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> >> > On the Oracle site you can download :
> >> > Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( for Solaris Operating
> >> > System
> >> > (SPARC) (64-bit) for evaluation.
> >> > I did this sometime ago but now I find that oem will not fire up
> >> > due to a DST issue where some places on Earth have 'new' DST
> >> > settings (like most of North America) and the agent thinks
> >> > I'm 1 hour out of sync and refuses to start.
> >> > For those of us who do not have or need a metalink account (: >)
> >> > are there public patches available? I believe that addresses
> >> > this.
> >> Did you try emctl resetTZ agent
> > Well that's what the error log suggests trying.
> > But there's nothing wrong with the time zone : >
> > Other than it was shifted ahead a few weeks in 2007.
> > I tried all the suggestions anyway but no go.
> > I think the only cure is a patchset properly appllied.
> That's right. I had to do some of these patches myself lately, a lot of docs
> referring to other docs, dead links in the html docs etc. It took me some
> hours to find the patch itself was very simple, once I FOUND it. To find out
> our time zone (MET-1METDST) was still not in it. But Europe/Paris seems to
> be the same.
> One thing you could try is to run the Sun Timezone updater (tzupdater)

Being a Sun kinda guy I did that very thing but it had no effect - at least with
my Grid Control test box. I then attempted a relink there hoping that might convince 'oem' all is well but now other things are borked : >

Im going to start over, and attempt to walk through the about-as- convoluted-as-you-can-get
documentation on the patch to .4 from .2 process : > Should I succeed I wonder if the Grid will speak to a lowly .2 EE without IT
being patched as well. O well its an exercise.

> without patching your db, you'll get the new time zones files as well. And
> it looks like that's all you need.
> Run it in your database home jre environment.
> BUT: I did not test this. At least backup your jre/1.xx/lib/zi directroy
> before you do so.

As an FYI the tzupdater does what its supposed to do in that a test afterwards passes without errors.

> For those who HAVE support and read this thread: it's patch 6672979 you'll
> need. It is a CORE patch.
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