Re: compilation error in plsql

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 13:17:19 +0200
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Shakespeare wrote:
> "The Boss" <usenet_at_No.Spam.Please.invalid> schreef in bericht

>> Your variable declarations should be preceded by the "DECLARE" keyword.
>> HTH.
>> -- 
>> Jeroen

> No they don't. Not within a procedure, I think it won't even compile.
> Shakespeare

Page 7-9 of the Oracle 7 Server Application Developers Guide: "Unlike in an anonymous PL/SQL block, you do not use the keyword DECLARE before the declarations of variables, cursors and exceptions in a stored procedure. In fact, it is an error to use it."

No mention of an error code, just the fact that it is "an error to use it"


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