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Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 10:38:24 -0700 (PDT)
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On Apr 7, 2:04 am, "mostv via" <u41215_at_uwe> wrote:
> oracle 9.2 on win2003serv. Hello! I droped my non-system tablespace. Base in
> archivelog mode.How I can restore it, if I have only backup of my tablespace
> and logs, and don't have backup of system tablespace?
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pitr oracle

Also see the docs, there are basic examples there.

As David indicated, the word backup can have many meanings. If you've properly backed it up from Oracle's perspective, pitr isn't all that difficult. If you haven't, you've violated the ONE THING that DBA's HAVE to do correctly. Have you used RMAN or an explicit hot backup to make the backup? What exactly have you done?

But of course, it's simple when you've learned about it and practiced it. Asking a basic question about it here isn't a good sign. You would be expected to know about the granularity of a backup, and the "recover until" syntax. You shouldn't need a backup of your system tablespace for this recovery, but that you don't have one is also a bad sign.

You might consider asking Oracle support to help you. You have support, right? Metalink also has docs that demonstrate how to recover, some based on their classes.


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