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From: Chuck <>
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 18:57:16 GMT
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joel garry wrote:
| On Apr 4, 9:38 am, Chuck <> wrote:
| Can someone please give me an explanation, or point me to a URL which
| has one, of what v$sqlarea.version_count is all about? I understand it
| has to do with the # of child cursors for a given SQL in the library
| cache, but why would you need more than one cursor? Is that cursor not
| shareable? What would make a cursor not shareable? Does it have to do
| with different execution plans for the same SQL but with different bind
| variables? Or is it simply the # of sessions running the same SQL at he
| same time? TIA

| From the performance manual: "A SQL statement can map to multiple
| cursors, because the objects referred to in the cursor can differ from
| user to user."

That makes sense. Different users with objects of the same name would require different cursors for the same SQL. That's not my case though. It's a peoplesoft database with a single application schema and everyone uses the same objects.

| There's lots of explanations on the web and in books. Here's a good
| start (found by searching for v$sqlarea.version_count on
| asktom.oraclecom)

| Dan's primer is pretty good summary of 11:

| A view exists to tell you why:


I'll check those links too. Thanks.
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