Re: Amend and udate data using 10G EM ?

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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 06:40:25 -0700 (PDT)
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Not a great way to get help around here. It might work, we'll see ;)

> In a nutshell.
> Basically I work for a company that supplies back office sofware to large
> banks.
> Some foreign banks, and the foreign brnaches of Taiwanese banks are in mind
> dont have IT staff, or DB staff, if there is a problem they pick up the
> phone and say "Ehlo, we hav proberlem with systam knot werking.
> must help now."

I do hope your customers are not reading this.

> Explaining clicks is easier than sql statements.

I disagree. Supply your customer with SQL scripts to make the required changes. These should be developed and tested against a copy of their database which you, as the software house, has access to, right? Running a script is far less prone to error than instructing someone navigating through a GUI. How do you _know_ that they understand you correctly, or that they are actually doing what they say they are? You might consider supplying an "undo" script to reverse your changes in the event of problems.

> If we are lucky we have remote access but not always.

I wouldn't let you, as a supplier, near my production database. I'd want you to supply a script as described above.

> They have a GUI tools to viewdata called TOAD under WIndows 2000 and Oracle
> 8.
> Head office and audt department then tell branches to go Windows 2003 and
> Oracle 10 for security and other internal issues beyond my control.
> So a few have gone 64 bit 2003/10G.
> Customer still expects a GUI style data access.

The customer is playing with fire. Eventually, something will go wrong due to human-error.

Not the answer you wanted, more of a rant really. But then, you started it by SHOUTING ;-)

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