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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 09:21:47 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 27, 1:09 am, kerravon <> wrote:
> We have Oracle on Solaris 8.
> I was wondering whether there was something similar to "top" for
> Oracle to display what it's doing at the moment (last 5 seconds
> basically).
> There is an Oracle "bin" directory with things like oerr in it, so I
> looked up the Oracle manuals master index to see if I could get
> a list of those tools to see if one of them was related to
> performance.  But I didn't find it in the master index.
> I'm mainly interested in knowing what the top 10 physical
> I/O SQL statements are, what the top 10 logical I/O SQL
> statements are, and what the top 10 CPU SQL statements
> are.  Read MB/sec and write MB/sec would be good.
> Is there something that will come close to any of that?  At the
> moment we're only getting statistics for an hour's processing
> which is not what I'm after.  I want to be able to sample the
> system immediately when there's a problem to see what Oracle
> is up to.
> Although I'm not the DBA, if I have an exact thing to ask for, I
> can probably get it.
> Thanks.  Paul.

OEM has a number of performance monitoring tools. You have to pay extra, technically.

Of course, it just looks at the views available to your DBA. See

There's also a lot of stuff floating about on the interwebnet thingie, of highly varying quality. You probably want to learn a peformance tuning methodology if you want to do it right (as opposed to just looking for _fast=true parameters). Google Cary Milsap, your DBA may have his book. There's some interesting things about wait analysis you can find.

There's also a FAQ: such as it is.

Always remember: The best performance comes from the unnecessary work you don't do.


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