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From: joel garry <>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 10:16:50 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 26, 5:50 am, "timo" <> wrote:
> Hi, I'm confused; please advice me how to import single user from a dmp-file
> to DB where that user simply does not yet exist ?
> I'd rather not like to first create a 'skeleton'-user and the
> ...fromuser...touser... ; I'd like to bring that user as it is in that
> dmp-file with grants and all ...
> Thank,
> BR,
> Timo

Of course, Sybrand is correct as usual. There are things that can be done to work around this.
1. If you have the original db, you can get things from there. Exactly how depends on version and what tools you have, I've found the OEM from O9 very useful, just click on DDLs for the user creation and privileges. There are also various scripts floating about, see Note: 131704.1 on metalink for example (I thought there was a user script there, things come and go, beware of any scripts you download from there or anywhere else on the internet). Note:207959.1 is also handy to bookmark. Of course, you ought to be able to write your own. Here's one:,p27_show_header,p27_show_help:651524.995,1,1 2. You can create a new db, do a full imp with rows=N, I think (I'm getting rusty, my preference is to keep scripts around for creating users and their privileges).
3. If you are on unix and only have the export, use strings on the export to create a new file you can grep for the username, and edit for other things besides the creates and grants, if there are any - the clue is connect statements when you grep. 4. Ask Oracle for an enhancement to do this.


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