Re: Mixed 32/64 bit environment

From: Eric <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 19:21:05 +0000
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On 2008-03-25, bdbafh <> wrote:
> On Mar 25, 11:50 am, Chuck <> wrote:
>> I'm in the process of upgrading several 32 bit 9i oracle homes to 64 bit
>> 10g. My plan is to install 10g into a new home first then one by one
>> upgrade the databases and move them to the new home. My question is
>> this. Once the 10g home is installed, and before I upgrade any
>> databases, can I start using the 64 bit 10g listener for 32 bit oracle
>> databases? I know I can change the ORACLE_HOME setting in the 10g
>> listener.ora file to point to 9i homes, but my main concern is will
>> there be any issue with a 64 bit listener launching 32 bit oracle server
>> processes?
>> Hope this is clear.
>> Thanks.
> On Metalink one could find the following:
> Certify - Product Version and Other Selections: Oracle Database -
> Enterprise Edition On Microsoft Windows 2003 (AMD64/EM64T)
> "Running 32-bit applications on a 64-bit operating system is generally
> referred to as "Compatibility-Mode" by many AMD64/EM64T hardware
> vendors. Irrespective of this terminology, 32-bit Oracle Database
> server is *not* certified on Windows x64."
> I haven't given 32-bit software a try on the x86-64 OS be it Microsoft
> Windows, RHEL or OEL.
> That certification note was sufficient for me.
> Have I seen the x86 Oracle database server software deployed on an
> x86-64 server OS? Yes. It worked. But its not supportable.
> -bdbafh

Well, yes, but the OP didn't say he was on windows. As far as I remember (unable to check at the moment) it is OK on, e.g., Solaris. And OK or not, he is already running 32-bit on a 64-bit machine, and that was not the question asked.

Assuming (from the mention of several oracle homes) that this is some sort of Unix box, there should be no problem with the listener, as launching a program involves specifying the executable file, and it knows how many bits it is.

This can be checked anyway, by starting the 10g listener on another port and trying out a test 9i database.

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