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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 07:18:20 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 17, 5:21 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> wrote:
> > His 'autobiography', annotated:
> > "Mr. Abbasi is President and CEO of Takveen, Inc. NJ, which is firm
> > providing information technology related 'Optimal Solutions' to
> > industry. "
> > One wonders what, exactly, those 'optimal solutions to industry' might
> > be, and to which industry those might apply.
> Optimal to his personal checkbook and his industry, spamming, no doubt.
> > "He is also attached with three top-notch computer schools of NJ
> > teaching Oracle Database Administration in Unix/Windows Server
> > environments."
> > Three 'top-notch computer schools in New Jersey' ... they're so 'top-
> > notch' they haven't names?  I suppose that simply by their sheer 'top-
> > notchness' it's gauche to even inquire regarding said monikers.  And
> > how is he 'attached' to them, with gum paste?
> One of those three top-notch IT schools is identified as the University
> of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. Just the name alone tells you
> their specialty is IT.
> What I like most about his oracle wiki page is the link at the top
> to a page of spam that was deleted by Oracle.
> But wait ... there's more. Go to his website and look up his amazing
> advice about Oracle. There you will find things that are so cutting
> edge even Oak Table members haven't heard of them. One of my favorites
> is a paper he posted just last week titled: "LEFT OUT JOIN instead of
> (+) Sign." If he's going to leave out the joins he should leave out the
> spam too.
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That article is all of, possibly, 20 words and the "READ MORE" link sends one straight to a search results page for 'oracle sql left outer join'.

My favorite from his Oracle Wiki page is:

"takveen has no friends yet."

He's not likely to garner any with his current behaviour pattern.

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