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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 15:21:36 -0700
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> His 'autobiography', annotated:
> "Mr. Abbasi is President and CEO of Takveen, Inc. NJ, which is firm
> providing information technology related 'Optimal Solutions' to
> industry. "
> One wonders what, exactly, those 'optimal solutions to industry' might
> be, and to which industry those might apply.

Optimal to his personal checkbook and his industry, spamming, no doubt.

> "He is also attached with three top-notch computer schools of NJ
> teaching Oracle Database Administration in Unix/Windows Server
> environments."
> Three 'top-notch computer schools in New Jersey' ... they're so 'top-
> notch' they haven't names? I suppose that simply by their sheer 'top-
> notchness' it's gauche to even inquire regarding said monikers. And
> how is he 'attached' to them, with gum paste?

One of those three top-notch IT schools is identified as the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. Just the name alone tells you their specialty is IT.

What I like most about his oracle wiki page is the link at the top to a page of spam that was deleted by Oracle.

But wait ... there's more. Go to his website and look up his amazing advice about Oracle. There you will find things that are so cutting edge even Oak Table members haven't heard of them. One of my favorites is a paper he posted just last week titled: "LEFT OUT JOIN instead of (+) Sign." If he's going to leave out the joins he should leave out the spam too.


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