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From: joel garry <>
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 14:55:49 -0700 (PDT)
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On Mar 16, 2:07 am, Niall Litchfield <> wrote:
> On Mar 15, 7:05 pm, jeremy <> wrote:
> > In article <77932cc0-6940-4f1a-a217-67d4edd36483
> >>, Niall  Litchfield says...
> > > Isn't that a likely side-effect where the vendor buys the text search
> > > filters in and releases a product before the format in question
> > > becomes current. Or to put it another way, I expect it will get fixed
> > > in due course. Meanwhile I'm sure that you already have certain
> > > requirements - for example language the CV is in, it not being in
> > > wordstar and all the rest. Temporarily requiring office 07 users to
> > > save in a compatible file format shouldn't be a great barrier to
> > > anyone who wants to apply for a job.
> > In the "war for talent" which is very real in some sectors/geographies,
> > there is a very strong business case for removing as many barriers as
> > possible to make applying straightforward - the candidate should not
> > have to jump through hoops.
> I'm not entirely sure that I buy that in general - how many formats/
> languages etc etc do you support. Especially given that anyone who can
> save in .docx format can already save in .doc and probably .pdf format
> directly.
> > Right now the priority for us is devising a way in which we can continue
> > to accept that format of document and find a way to extract the text.
> I constructed a test in (which was released post Office 2007)
> and the same restriction applies. I suspect that I might go down the
> route of developing an automated document converter - per Jim's
> suggestion - and running that using the external procedure call
> functionality. Bear in mind though that there can be some loss of
> fidelity in the converted document (though you should get all the text
> fine).
> Niall

I don't know anything about this stuff (except for the com stuff I worked on in some proprietary language that will be removed from the language, so I have to rewrite it all eventually anyways), but I found this illuminating:

Seems to support Vladimir's and Jim's suggestions.

I know I'm not impressed by any place that requires me to send a Word resume.


-- is bogus.
And today's rant is pretty interesting too:
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