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On Mar 17, 10:17 am, DA Morgan <> wrote:
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> >> Download "Oracle 9i DB Administration in 10 Minutes"
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> > WHY do we 'need' some eight-year-old administering a production Oracle
> > database????
> Because anyone older than that wouldn't do business with this spammer.
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His 'autobiography', annotated:

"Mr. Abbasi is President and CEO of Takveen, Inc. NJ, which is firm providing information technology related 'Optimal Solutions' to industry. "

One wonders what, exactly, those 'optimal solutions to industry' might be, and to which industry those might apply. Personally I am not aware of any IT solutions a kindergarten might need.

"He is also attached with three top-notch computer schools of NJ teaching Oracle Database Administration in Unix/Windows Server environments."

Three 'top-notch computer schools in New Jersey' ... they're so 'topnotch'  they haven't names? I suppose that simply by their sheer 'topnotchness'  it's gauche to even inquire regarding said monikers. And how is he 'attached' to them, with gum paste?

"Before coming to NJ, he used to teach Oracle in heart of NC, Raleigh while working as Chief Technologist with a business solutions development firm."

Again, no names, no indication of what he actually did. Looks suspicious to me. Hey, doesn't someone who remains nameless also practice his Oracle 'voodoo' in North Carolina?

"Mr. Abbasi has been attached intensely with the IT field for past 13 years and has written dozens of softwares and tons of code from programming microcontrollers using Assembly language to writing 3-tier multi-language web applications."

Gee, again NO NAMES of these 'softwares' ... and did he really write 'tons of code', and, if so, how was that weighed?

"He did B.Sc. Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan ("

And I'm certain it's a fine school. Really.

"He is Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator (OCP)"

Maybe someone took his exams for him?

", Microsoft Certified Professional (VB) and lots of other computer certifications."

Including, apparently, certified as clueless and disrespectful to others.

"Besides certifications, he has lots of publications"

None of which are worth a damn.

"and has filed 1 patent with United States Patent & Trade Mark Office."

Really? What is the application number so I can see what this patent details? I find nothing in awarded patents or published applications at the U.S Patent Office website.

"When asked Mr. Abbasi,"


" he said that it all erupted with a saying of my Advanced Engineering Mathematics professor, 'Think yourself ....'"

I can believe that; usually disasters follow eruptions.

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