Re: consolidation of multiple rows

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 11:32:39 -0700
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Jerry Stuckle wrote:

> DA Morgan wrote:

>> Jerry Stuckle wrote:
>>> You do not have a company.
>> Your ignorance is is so profound it is amazing you can inhale.
>> And with this unequivocal proof that you are a blivet ... plonk!
> ROFLMAO.  So you registered a company.  And your ONLY customer is the 
> University of Washington Extension School.

One foot in your mouth wasn't enough you had to stick the other one in too: Amazing. The University of Washington does not employ my company. Those that have include Dow Jones & Company, The Boeing Company, and a few other small firms you likely have never heard of but that trade on the NYSE.

What does it take for this blivet to get a clue?

Daniel A. Morgan
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