Re: Oracle Patches

From: Ana C. Dent <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 03:38:29 GMT
Message-ID: <VC0Dj.21853$mI6.13940@newsfe08.phx> wrote in news:e1ba5573-dbde-4862-b970-
> Ana,
> At the top, when I choose Oracle and my OS (Solaris SPARC 32) it does
> not give me any patches for
> However, when I go down and choose RDBMS Server and choose my OS
> (Solaris SPARC 32) it gives me 2 patches, but neither are for
> 10.2.01. does it really matter between and
> Patch #: 5345437
> Patch #: 6708377
> Also, I thought there were patches to

If you are being paid to think, then you are over paid. The two patches you quoted won't get you close to the desired solution. It appears you NEVER actually looked at these two patchsets.

If you insist on get running SOLARIS V10.2.0.3, then either get on 64-bit hardware, or change your Operating System to x86 Linux.

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