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From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 21:06:34 -0500
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hpuxrac wrote:
> On Mar 11, 2:14 pm, Jerry Stuckle <> wrote:
> snip
>>> Installing and configuring an Oracle installation is valuable
>>> experience. I'd consider it a valid part of a decent course.
>>> -g
>> My customers would consider installation a complete waste of time. If
>> it's that hard to install, maybe people should use a different product.
>> DB2 comes to mind.
> Ah installing oracle once at some base version is fairly easy.
> Keeping maintenance current and patched and tested when there are
> multiple oracle homes involved ... not so trivial.

Sorry to hear that. Maybe people should use a better database.

> It's been a while since I worked with DB2 ... but it ain't that
> different. Teaching SMPE and receive/apply/accept ... not especially
> insignificant ... how about researching the impact of usermods?

DB2 installation is about 30 minutes. A few questions to ask - but not a lot.

> You had some valid points here in this thead but seems like you are
> using your credibilty here Mr. Jerry.

I am quite credible with my clients. And those are the ones I care about.

> Of course Captain Morgan with his remarks about taking 3 hours to
> cover install and explain plans is equally off target but we expect
> that from him in this newsgroup.
>> In the time his students take to install Oracle, our DB2 Admin students
>> have learned about the tuning parameters, explained SQL statements to
>> determine why things run slowly and tuned the system for better performance.
> This just sounds more like hot air than a real world learning
> experience to me imho.

Not at all. We spend about 2 hours in lecture and 45 minutes in a lab on our basic tuning. Pretty close to three hours. Of course we have more advanced topica.

>> Much more useful use of time than sitting there watching a CD spin.
> Whatever.

Yep, our clients are not paying to have their employees watch a CD spin.

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