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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 06:40:34 -0700 (PDT)
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On 14 mar, 06:38, "" <> wrote:
> I am currently taking backup in RMAN thru following script.
> and catalog
> run {
> allocate channel d1 type disk ;
> backup full
> filesperset 5
> tag full_backup
> format '/data/backup/full_r280%t.dfil'
> database plus archivelog;
> backup
> format '/data/backup/full_r280%t.cfil'
> current controlfile;
> backup
> format '/data/backup/full_r280%t.afil'
> (archivelog all delete input);
> release channel d1;
> }
> will it restore compltely if my target database damaged completly
> or if i want to clone this database in other host.
> please advice

Hello gpand,

Truly, I saw various things:
1. Your'r allocating a channel on disk for your BK, so It's going to ramain there until you need (It could be many time), and you must allocate a channel only if U donot have define it. 2. In the first command ( database plus archivelog;) Your're backing up yours Archive log so U dont nee to back them again (|backup

      format '/data/backup/full_r280%t.afil'
      (archivelog all delete input);) U can do this in one command
( backup database plus archivelog delete input;) 3.Your backing up your current control file, this is necesary only if u don't have configured the (controlfile autobackup).

I hope this will help. The best you can do ever is 'test', test your script.

Bye, JUDL. Received on Fri Mar 14 2008 - 08:40:34 CDT

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