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From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 13:52:17 -0500
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> <quote>
> Ah, maybe they fix the external factor and restore the system from
> backup? We cover backup/restore, also. And if they need to install
> on
> a new system, they follow directions.
> </quote>
> Aah - so your course covers backing up and restoring a system (I'm
> assuming it's the whole OS environment including all configuration
> settings, not just DB backup/restore ... otherwise you're not meeting
> the recovery requirement). Why does your course cover this non-DBA
> function but not DB installation? It's far more likely that a DBA
> would just need to set up a new database server than restore an entire
> backed up system :-/

No, it covers DB backup/restore. System backup/restore is performed by sysadmins.

> <quote>
> Nope, not everyone at a company needs to know how to install a
> system.
> At most one or two may.
> </quote>
> Per site?

Not really. Installs can be performed remotely, and quite often are.

> <quote>
> If a DBA can't figure out how to insert a
> CD-ROM and answer some basic questions, either he/she needs to find a
> different job or the product needs improvement.
> </quote>
> Hmm ... I guess you're right - for SQL Server anyway it is pretty easy
> to just click "Next" on each screen. I might need to put in my name
> and company, but I can manage that too. Oh what's this bit about
> choosing drives and log locations? I'll just leave those as default -
> can't be bad right? Collation? I'm in Thailand, but default should be
> fine...

That's all covered in configuration and performance.

> Jerry - you are losing credibility with some of these "arguments". I
> can accept that not every good DBA needs to know the names of Cobb and
> Date (although I would hope they do), but to say DBA's don't need to
> know how to install and configure a database is ludicrous. Name me 1
> Fortune500 company that would employ a full-time DBA that needs to
> bring in a contractor each time they need to set up a new server.

Our customers are happy. And they don't bring in contractors to do the installs. Read again who posted that.

> Furthermore, the defensive and personal nature of your attacks on DA
> et al are embarrassingly immature - and that fact is even more telling
> coming from someone who wasn't even alive when you worked for IBM :p

Just calling a spade a spade. I've found him to be completely lacking in understanding of the real world.

> <quote>
> </quote>
> I'm glad to see you still have your sense of perspective :)
> J

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