Re: Oracle on Windows vs Solaris or Linux ?

From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 22:18:28 -0000
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> How about if you actually read the post - specifically the part where
> I referred to OEMs actually shipping Windows Server 2008 pre-
> installed?

How about you do some research before joining the party.

> Yes, I did mean in a US-centric, major OEMs kinda way such as Dell
> and HP.
> In checking on both of their retail sites, neither had w2k8 listed as
> an option when specifying a server OS.

You just looking online? If you'd have any clue you would know that to get the best deal you go through a partner and not direct.

Anyway I've listed the links for the support and availability of windows 2008.

> Guess that w2k8 server is not current quite yet.

Oh you must mean these links... From the page "HP builds the best run server infrastructure for Windows Server 2008. HP delivers an integrated set of value-add software drivers and management software optimized for your server infrastructure. "

All you need to do is ask your HP supplier - it's on HP's site clear as day.

> Are you running the current version of SQL Server 2008 on that as
> well?'

Nice distraction technique but it ain't going to work.

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