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From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 11:39:14 -0500
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--CELKO-- wrote:

>>> we were discussing professors and their lack of touch with reality.  <<

> LOL! You really have not seen Dan's Oracle classes! They hand you an
> empty server and you start by loading and configuring it from
> scratch. I am not kidding. Forget about an already installed DB
> waiting for you; Dan starts at the hardware.
>>> Only you think that knowing someone's name makes you a better DBA.  Clueless idiot. <<

> My, what a carefully reasoned argument :) Knowing the history and
> important concepts of your trade area measure of professionalism. It
> also means you know how to communicate with others and research inside
> your trade. You have a context for your tools.
>>> [you can understand Newtonian mechanics without knowing who Isaac Newton was] You can even call it fizzbin mechanics.  The name does not affect the math. <<

> LOL! Do ever watch Futurama? You're Dr. Zoidberg! He is a lobster
> alien who has no idea about human anatomy and makes up his own words.
> Or maybe you're the seagull in THE LITTLE MERMAID, who calls a fork a
> "dinglehopper" and, having no context for it, assumes it is used like
> a comb.
> Why not carry this line of non-reason further? Having clear, industry
> standard data element names, interfaces and protocols does not effect
> the compilation or execution of a program. In fact, back in the old
> FORTRAN days of my youth, we had a slogan that "If it was hard to
> write, then it should be hard to read!" and we meant it. Therefore,
> learning anything but how to write code for a particular release of a
> particular complier for a particular language makes you a clueless
> idiot.

Another troll heard from. I used to have a decent amount of respect for you. But now that I have seen your posts - NOT!

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