Re: consolidation of multiple rows

From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 08:02:52 -0500
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DA Morgan wrote:
> Jerry Stuckle wrote:

>> Believe me, I don't need to take your class.  I've taken many 
>> university classes, and they're all more less the same.  Lots of good 
>> theory, but also lots of unnecessary garbage.

> Go to
> Click on Sample Courses
> Take one (they are free)
> When you find the "lots of good theory" part point it out to me and I
> will remove it.
> Ignorance is such a precious thing ... you really shouldn't wave
> it around in public.

Sqluniversity is not a University. That is not a university class. But you wouldn't know the difference.

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