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From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 08:00:36 -0500
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DA Morgan wrote:
> Jerry Stuckle wrote:
>> Have you ever worked on maintaining and upgrading a 1M LOC+ program?
> Few that small actually. You might want to read my CV before you
> stick the other foot in it.

So far, I am totally unimpressed.

> Or perhaps you'd like to come to Redwood Shores in April and meet me
> here:
> Some people here might remember me from OOW 2005 where my team built
> a 24 node RAC cluster in Moscone West in two days. That gig came after
> building two 10 node clusters for one of the largest commercial banks
> in Japan to run SAP. I'll let you guess at the dollar figure.

That's not 1 1M LOC+ program. That's just putting together a bunch of tools on some systems. Tool jockeys are not at all in the same league as programmers.

>> Or have you ever even taken a 50K LOC project for someone you don't
>> know, and taken it from requirements gathering to final delivery?
> Delivering one on the 17th of this month here:

A website! ROFLMAO! Try a real application. But you probably don't know what one is.

>> Have you ever worked on a project where the requirements change
>> weekly, if not daily?
> You are either very young, very inexperienced, or both. You may be
> quite sure I don't care which but I'll put my money on both. I suspect
> I was coding in Fortran before you spoke your first word.
> Speaking for myself I've had enough of this schoolyard nonsense. Killfile.

Over 40 years of programming experience, and 18 years as an independent consultant. My first programming was Fortran II on an IBM 1401 back in 1967.

But I've been working in the real world, not some ivory tower.

You're just like many other academicians I've met. You think you know everything. But you really know nothing.

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