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From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:56:23 -0500
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DA Morgan wrote:
> wrote:

>> Once again we have a thread in this group where practical "working
>> hero's" are attacking the "classroom fossils" who comprise the
>> academic branch of our diverse industry...
>> It always astounds me that the two "factions" fail to recognise that
>> they are co-dependent.  The academic side teaches the theory (which
>> may not be practical) which shapes the way students approach real
>> problems, the practical side provide the implementation and innovation
>> that drives the industry forward.

> Actually it is far worse than you imagine. There are three Oracle
> instructors at the University of Washington. I have been the primary
> instructor for 8 years, personally wrote the curriculum, and it is
> 95+% practical. The other two instructors are Robert Perry, a
> production DBA at Boeing, who has worked with Oracle since version
> 4 and Jeremiah Wilton, a member of the Oak Table (,
> and one of the people to whom owes its success.
> Theory has its place in computer science classes. In Oracle classes
> at the University of Washington it is all about hands-on experience
> and midterms and finals deal with real-world issues experienced in
> the aerospace and communications industries ... not a single test ever
> given was True/False, Multiple Choice, or Essay. All exam answers
> always involve writing working code.
> I am sure those throwing around their criticisms of academia have
> years of experience on their resumes. I'd also be willing to bet that
> a quarter or more of our students could code circles around them.

I'll take your bet any time. I have yet to find any student who can do as well as an experienced programmer.

And anyone who thinks they can has no idea what the real world is like.

Tell me - have you ever worked on a 2-3 year project with 75 other programmers, creating a large real-world application?

Have you ever worked on maintaining and upgrading a 1M LOC+ program?

Or have you ever even taken a 50K LOC project for someone you don't know, and taken it from requirements gathering to final delivery?

Have you ever worked on a project where the requirements change weekly, if not daily?

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