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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:29:00 +0100
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> Serge Rielau wrote:
>> DA Morgan wrote:
>>> But I am wondering ... would you use a package variable, when
>>> you get them into DB2, to enforce a business rule?
>> Ah why not? Depends on your rule.
>> E.g. if I have a rule that says: Ignore all input provided by user
>> DAMORGAN that seems like a sensitive thing to do.
> There you go Serge proving me correct yet again. Ignoring my input
> would be SENSIBLE ... not SENSITIVE. That rule should definitely
> be hard coded.
>> Rules can be user dependent, can they not?
> Not business rules. Business rules are things such as don't let
> the person exceed their credit limit. Don't create a duplicate
> account number. Now you might want to configure today's interest
> rate as a package variable captured by the package initialization
> section but it is a value ... not a rule. The "rule" would be to
> apply it to all transactions.
>> You like to point out that certain products fail to provide BEFORE
>> TRIGGERs. Aren't before triggers used to enforce business rules?
> Yes though that is not the only reason they are used.
>> By claiming that constraints suffice you say BEFORE TRIGGERs are not
>> needed and you bite your own proverbial tail.
> Not at all. But given the choice of enforcing a busines rule with a
> constraint or a trigger I would choose the constraint every time if
> it would suffice.
>> BEFORE TRIGGERs are used where CHECK CONSTRAINTs fail, such as looking at
>> data in different tables, or looking up variable content.
> It is not a question of one or the other. It is a question of using the
> most efficient solution given the business problem. The most efficient
> is rarely the most complex. Are you suggesting that you are going to
> drop primary key constraints from DB2 in favor of triggers because one
> solution is good enough for all situations? <g>
>>> With respect to your other question:
>> So the answer is no, you are an "I", not a "We".
> Certainly not royalty. Though a few years back I was at a hedge laying
> contest in the Cotswolds and was protected from Prince Charles by one
> of his bodyguards so that might count for something. <g> He's quite
> good, I might add, with an axe.

Just not good enough......

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