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From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 19:14:58 -0000
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> LOL! You really don't have any idea how few speakers do more than
> three conferences per year, do you? I only attend out-of-town or out-
> of-country conferences where I am speaking, got a free ticket or have
> a consulting gig.

Name 3 in the last 12 months then, if you are so popular... there must be cracking on for 40 conferences in the various vendors/ db industry every 12 months.

> I missed PASS this last year, but I have *already* done two "SQL
> Saturday!" shows in Florida and I am hoping for a third. I believe, if

User Group events....

Orlando SQL User Group
Tampa SQL User Group
Jacksonville SQL User Group

These are all really great user groups and we in the UK follow the free Saturday conference model with our own SQLBits brand - we completed our 2nd conference on Sat 1st March with 350 attendees.

They are also all FREE.

> you follow true to form, you will now poo-poo the whole Code Camp and
> "SQL Saturday!" efforts; that will not make you friends in the SQL
> Server community.

I poo-poo your attitude and the rubbish you post 'period'.

> My overseas speaking trips will be to London and Munich later this
> year. I am also getting something ready for Las Vegas.

I'll be sure to watch out - but it's probably more rubbish to try and build you in tatters profile up.

> Tony, I have had NO visitors at all! This is not my blog. I have
> tried to get it taken down, but without any luck. All Google will do
> is post a note that "This blog is not Joe Celko's but it is a
> collection of his answers in public newsgroups" for me. I have a
> stalker, not a blog. And now I just given him a plug! Arrgh!

15,536 visitors in two years, 6 unique visitors in the last 7 days.

That is the measure of your popularity celko - that is the measure!

> Data Warehousing almost alone. What do you think your scores would be
> on anything in the database world?

My blog statistics speak for themselves - rather more than 6 visitors in the last 7 days - what you get in a week I get in an hour and if you care to check it's a good mixture between new and repeat visitors.

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