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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:52:00 -0700 (PDT)
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>> Really - name 5 conferences in the past 12 months you've presented at - and I don't mean user group meetings - I mean proper conferences; also - not just ones you've attended! <<

LOL! You really don't have any idea how few speakers do more than three conferences per year, do you? I only attend out-of-town or out- -country conferences where I am speaking, got a free ticket or have a consulting gig.

>> Also, in the SQL Server community you've probably done 1 in 2 years if my memory recalls <<

I missed PASS this last year, but I have *already* done two "SQL Saturday!" shows in Florida and I am hoping for a third. I believe, if you follow true to form, you will now poo-poo the whole Code Camp and "SQL Saturday!" efforts; that will not make you friends in the SQL Server community.

My overseas speaking trips will be to London and Munich later this year. I am also getting something ready for Las Vegas.

>> In nearly 2 years you've had only 15,536 visitors; I get more than half that amount in just a month <<

Tony, I have had NO visitors at all! This is not my blog. I have tried to get it taken down, but without any luck. All Google will do is post a note that "This blog is not Joe Celko's but it is a collection of his answers in public newsgroups" for me. I have a stalker, not a blog. And now I just given him a plug! Arrgh!

>> And as for the rest, we've all popularised them for you to say you've done it all yourself is very arrogant but we all know you are very arrogant, ignorant, etc. <<

For me? Thank you! :) I never said I "did it all myself"; you did. First you ask me to name techniques I popularized; I do so, cutting the list off at 20; I have publication credits to them. Then in typical Newsgroup Troll fashion, you berate me for an answer to you own question. But let's play your idea. What would be an objective measurement of "popularization" of X by Y? Let's pick an SQL technique that has a name and do a social network search on the Internet. TECHNOLOGY REVIEW this issue has some articles on such tools and I did a little project for a company that sells such a tool. It is fun to play with these things and see how an idea spreads .. but I digress.

I think I would score high on "Nested Sets", "Celko's Relational Division" and pretty good on many others. Ben Gan and Moreau would score high on "Path Enumeration" or " Materialized Path" in the same way. Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon would have spread the word about Data Warehousing almost alone. What do you think your scores would be on anything in the database world? Received on Mon Mar 10 2008 - 13:52:00 CDT

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