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From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:48:07 -0000
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> Fair question Tony. And, in return, why don't you list all of
> your conference presentations, books and journal articles published,
> and credentials such as sitting on the ANSI committee.

Here's me thinking I was on your "spam filter" Denial Again.

My question was to celko - are you his bitch or something? Let him defend himself.

And as for me - I'm well know in the UK in my product specialism and that's enough for me thank you very much.

Also, it would appear celko was the only person on the standards committee - I find it very odd that nobody else makes even a simple claim let alone constantly mentioning it like celko does. And, why, with such a cushy number isn't he still on it? SQL 2003 etc...??

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