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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 10:31:42 -0700
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Jerry Stuckle wrote:

>> Teaching at university I hear this argument all the time ... from
>> those who haven't a degree. I'll grant you don't seem to be part of
>> that crowd ... but I'll still respectfully disagree.

> Yes, universities always were good at teaching irrelevant information
> and then testing on it.

You have never taken my class and I do appreciate the quick way in which you have gone from name calling ... Morgan is narrow/small minded ... to commenting on that of which you have zero knowledge.

Well done.

> Try doing like I do - teach C, C++, Java, etc. in one week. That's 5
> straight days, 7.5 - 8.0 hours per day, no homework. And at the end
> have students who can write code.

Hello World.

>> I've no doubt someone could, in theory, be a physics genius without
>> knowing the names Newton and Einstein. But I suspect you will agree
>> that the chances are about the same as winning the lottery.

> Of course. Knowing who Einstein or Newton were has nothing to do with
> learning physics.

That is utter and complete nonsense and you won't find a physics prof. on the planet who would agree with you.

>> I am not impressed by arguments that go "well it is true for everyone
>> else but it doesn't relate to us."

> I'm not at all impressed by your arguments.

If you think I am trying to impress you, or even writing this in the hope of changing your mind you are engaged in a serious misunderstanding of my posts.

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