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From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:47:05 -0000
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>> Then why do I keep getting speaking invitations from database, data
>> management, data warehousing, etc. conferences, decade after decade?
>> Somebody must have heard of me! Or else I am working too cheapâ║

Really - name 5 conferences in the past 12 months you've presented at - and I don't mean user group meetings - I mean proper conferences; also - not just ones you've attended! Also, in the SQL Server community you've probably done 1 in 2 years if my memory recalls - face it; nobody will have you because of your attitude and because you are so out of date and out of touch.

>> And why I am earning hundreds of dollars in and revenue for a blog
>> site that does nothing but post my newsgroup replies? That is really
>> working too cheap!

In nearly 2 years you've had only 15,536 visitors; I get more than half that amount in just a month

And if you think the person running the site has earned hundreds of dollars out of you then youre a bigger fool with even less grasp for business than I took you for - I use adwords myself and on that many visitors he's probably earned $50 in 2 years.

And as for the rest, we've all popularised them for you to say you've done it all yourself is very arrogant but we all know you are very arrogant, ignorant, etc....

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