Number of database files

From: A.ISS <ais_at_gee-mail.kom>
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2008 12:45:52 +0100
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I want to check (Oracle and higher) if the current number of data files is nearing the number specified by the db_files parameter. To achieve this I have devised the following select:

select 'Number of datafiles ('||a.records_used||') nears db_files parameter ('||b.value||') : '

       ||(b.value-a.records_used) message from V$CONTROLFILE_RECORD_SECTION a,

     v$parameter b

where a.type = 'DATAFILE'
  and = 'db_files'
  and b.value - a.records_used <= 10


To my understanding increasing the db_files parameter will automatically increase the maxdatafiles value in the control file. The purpose of above check is to anticipate when to increase db_files and plan a database bounce and avoid ORA-00059 : maximum number of DB_FILES exceeded errors.

thanks in advance.


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