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From: Jerry Stuckle <>
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 20:38:50 -0500
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DA Morgan wrote:
> Jerry Stuckle wrote:
>>> I would disagree with your characterization of them as "great DBAs."
>> That is a completely asinine comment. You don't know them; you don't
>> know their background or their jobs, you don't know their training and
>> you don't know the quality of work they do.
> Actually I do know one thing ... that is with respect to their training.
> You provided that answer yourself.

And you proved just how small minded you are.

> But my comment is hardly asinine. I just, it appears, have a higher
> standard than you before I refer to someone as "great."

Again, you have no idea how good these people are, nor what my standards are - other than whether or not they've heard of Boyce.

Small minded people have small minded requirements. And your mind is miniscule.

>> Yet you say they are not great DBA's because they aren't familiar with
>> Boyce's name? I've seen stupid and small minded in this group before,
>> but that tops the cake.
> Not because. But it is part of it: Yes.
> Again ... my standard it, it would seem, rather higher than yours when
> I throw around adjectives.

Not at all. Yours is based only on whether or not someone has heard of Boyce. How trite.

> Since we are speaking English lets go with a dictionary definition:
> "markedly superior in character or quality"
> "remarkably skilled"

Yep. And you don't have to know of Boyce to be either. But you seem to think so. Says enough about you.

> I guess I find them less remarkable than you do.

I find it remarkable that ANYONE would define a great anything on whether or not they have heard of one person. But there are a lot like you around, unfortunately.

>>> I know that might be your impression of them. And I've no doubt they
>>> can install, patch, and backup and restore without crashing and burning.
>>> But it takes more than that to be "great."
>> And you have no idea what my background is. For your information,
>> I've been programming for over 40 years. I've been working with RDB's
>> for around 25 years - I started while working for IBM in the early
>> 80's. And I've been teaching sql and database administration to
>> Fortune 500 companies for around 15 years.
> We are not discussing you personally: Don't change the subject. Above
> you wrote: "You don't know them" and now it is about you? Not interested
> in pursuing that but I doubt you are older than me so be careful here.

No, you brought it up. I'm not changing the subject. You just can't justify your position. So you aren't going to pursue it.

As to whether or not I'm older than you - I don't care. But I'm sure I have a hell of a lot more experience than you.

>> I know a great dba when I see one. And I know a small minded idiot
>> when I see one. Your comments do NOT show you are a great DBA.
> Never claimed to be one. Not once.

Obviously. Because you have no idea what a great DBA is.

>>> You don't know normalization if you don't know Boyce-Codd Normal Form.
>>> What you are describing is the competent self-taught ... not the
>>> "great."
>> Who said they don't know Boyce-Codd Normal Form? They know how to
>> normalize a database. They know the rules for each of the 5 normal
>> forms. The fact YOU call it Boyce-Codd does not mean everyone does.
> Actually it does.
> At least within the community of those of us that teach it.

Not at all. You can quote all the websites you want. I can show you just as many websites which do not mention either Boyce or Codd.

As a matter of fact, my courses don't mention them, either. Not because they aren't historically important, but because I have a limited amount of time to teach DBA. Our courses are very intensive, and do not allow time for historical perspective. We concentrate on the job.

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