Re: consolidation of multiple rows

From: Tony Rogerson <>
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 07:23:26 -0000
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> If you know the names Date and Codd you should know who you are
> addressing: Joe Celko.

Celko - the great forum clown.

Actually he isn't that well know, go to any conference and ask and folk will tell you who? There are also a ton of folk (the majority) who don't even use community forums like this one - does not make them bad.

Celko is a content jocky - the only thing he's popularised is nested sets and he even pinched that idea from somebody else - search, there is a discussion somewhere on the nested sets origin.

He's certainly not respected anymore; in the SQL Server forums he's ridiculed and ignore by most now - treaten as the village idiot because of his lack of acceptance on how the product works and his very old very dated canned answers that are always getting him into trouble.

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