Re: [sqlldr] Can i upload with conditions in control file (*.ctl)

From: Mathias Waack <>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 08:26:19 GMT
Message-ID: <LUNzj.374$>

Hi chijar,

chijar wrote:
> dear friends.
> i have a *.dat file with this data:
> 02721511|0601|6|20337358633|41880001|TEXTILES IVLATEX SRL|
> i want to make this:
> 1.- in third column, the digit is "6" but i want to upload to my table
> with "09" 'cause it is a varchar2 datatype.
> so... i can put in ctl file something like that:
> When third column is 6 then put '09' ???
> how ?

you can call sql functions within the control-statements, for instance I'm currently moving a large dbase-DB to oracle using control files with statements like this:


With substr and replace you could easily get what you want.

> 2.- if third column is 1 (integer datatype) i want to upload like
> '01' (varchar2 datatype)

Its the same as above.

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