Re: howto update meterialized view log's pctused larger than 0 on oracle

From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 23:51:27 GMT
Message-ID: <3glzj.19669$>

haomiao wrote:

>> Why would you want to create an MV log witha PCTFREE other than 0?

> I did some MV freshing test.
> Machine1(9207) Machine2(9201) Machine3(9207)
> There is a table tbl_term_inf on both Machine2 and Machine3
> with MV log.
> I want to fresh two tbl_term_inf tables to Machine1. The fresh
> period is 1 minute.
> On both Machine2 and Machine3, there are a lot of update on
> tbl_term_inf.
> The result is
> fresh from Machine3 is ok
> fresh from Machine2 is ok first, after some minutes, the table
> space is full, and updating fail.
> I find that
> in 9207, MV log 's default pctused is 30
> in 9201, MV log 's default pctused is 0
> I guess that it is perhaps this 0 pctused parameter which cause
> tablespace full. But I can not alter this parameter in 9201 larger
> than 0.
> Or there is some other reason of this full table space?
>> Why would you want to work in an unsupported product?
>> Why would you want to work in an unpatched product?

> This 9201 is used in my company's product emvironment, so it is not
> easy to update.

Sorry, but any company that cannot stay on a CURRENT, SUPPORTED AND PATCHED environment deserves the outcome of their decision. Received on Tue Mar 04 2008 - 17:51:27 CST

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