Re: Migration to Oracle

From: Robert Klemme <>
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 23:32:33 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On 03.03.2008 13:56, wrote:
> i know you and morgan says correct
> but i don't have enough time to do this job

How then do you want to do a job knowing that you do not have enough time to do it?

> also our 3 applications that must migrate to oracle isn't very
> important for us
> but i should do this job
> without using main power of oracle in database like different user
> defines or schematization of table spaces and ....
> i only want move Tables,Views, Procedures,Triggers,Functions to oracle
> (in specific schema with name Db) and then my application connect to
> this Database(oracle instead of Sql Server 2k)

As I said: try MS DTS, this could get you at least half way. But do not expect stored procedures and functions to be automatically migrated. Also do not expect the database you get to be efficient or such. You'll get tables and views and the data.

> i know this is unusual and isn't true
> but these applications are separate from our ERP systems
> any way i download but i can't use this
> too ;)

It seems you are frantically trying out several tools you do not know and somehow expect to magically hit the silver bullet that will do all the work automatically for you. This will not happen.

> i can connect to Sql Server but i can't connect to oracle (NLS
> PARAMETER ERROR) wheras i connect to oracle from all other
> applications like sqlPlus,PlSql Developer and ....
> in this site there is a tools by name "SwisSQL-SQL Server To Oracle"
> that convert TSql to PlSql and compile this
> but not work correctly (can't compile its PlSql code)

I can barely guess what you mean here. If you want help you probably should at least take the time to properly formulate.

Good luck

        robert Received on Mon Mar 03 2008 - 16:32:33 CST

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