Re: Incremental Commits and Disappearing Sessions

From: Dereck L. Dietz <>
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 02:44:23 GMT
Message-ID: <bCJyj.10319$>

Just wondering, can you post a copy of the server's SQLNET.ORA file? In one of your previous posts, you indicated that you saw "Got ORA-3135 while running PLSQL" in one of Oracle's trace files. ORA-3135, I believe, means that the server lost contact with the session. Settings in the SQLNET.ORA file, such as sqlnet.expire_time, may contribute to that error message, possibly due to a bug (see Metalink to see if it applies in your case).


I mentioned this to our "DBA" and his response was that the SQLNET.ORA file 
was a "client" file.

I was finally able to get an error logged and the error WAS the ORA-03135 
error which points to the SQLNET.ORA.  I checked the client configuration 
and there is no SQLNET.ORA files configured for the client.

Would not having an SQLNET.ORA on the server cause problems (assuming there 
isn't one configured which I don't know since I don't have access to the 
server itself)? 
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