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From: Michael Austin <>
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 18:37:33 -0600
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> You know, this is why developers should never be given access to the
> server.
> We are running ORacle 10g. We were going to drop a database and
> recreate it on our development box.
> Rather, a developer deleted all of the datafiles AND the software. I'm
> here at home with an SSH connection to work. Can I download the
> software from Oracle's site, upload it to the server and install it
> using a response file?
> I do not have access to a GUI mode, so a response file is the only way
> to go.......

I use PuTTy ssh with Xforwarding enabled. (I am guessing UNIX here??) run CYGWIN (free download) or Exceed (not free) on your home computer, upload the DVD(s) and run the runInstaller if you have the oracle pwd.

If you only allow su to oracle(obviously not since it seems that far too many people have access to it...), then there are some tricks to getting this to work - I have had to do it many times due to firewalls even within my own company.

log into your user account
chmod 666 .Xauthority
echo $DISPLAY ## find out what your display is currently set to...

        should be something like: localhost:10.0 .. but only if everything is configured properly
[sudo??] su - oracle
export DISPLAY=localhost:10.0
mv ~/.Xauthority ~/.Xauthority.old
ln -s /youruserdir/youruserid/.Xauthority ~/.Xauthority   [you can now test by finding and executing xclock] cd to appropriate DVD directory and execute runInstaller.

Works like a charm!

The other method would be to look at the Oracle notes on how to create a CLONE of your 9i/10g/11g environment... it is really quite easy. Then you can just unzip/untar this into place, run an OUI clone command, execute the and you are done.

Clones are our friends!!!

(see metalink note:
Subject: How To Clone An Existing RDBMS Installation Using OUI

   Doc ID: Note:300062.1 Type: HOWTO
   Last Revision Date: 08-FEB-2008 Status: PUBLISHED

Also works for cloning a separate ASM installation.

> If not, is there any other way???
> Thanks!
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