Re: 9i performance tuning - is this of relevance to 10g

From: obakesan <>
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 10:33:11 GMT
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all good points and fits well with my understandings of things within my existing experience.

I'm 'between jobs' now as I decided to get 'back into science' (and perhaps academia) in 2003. I have since found that while pay is low competition for positions is higher than I anticipated. So I'm thinking of getting back into what I used to know. (just fyi I did oracle PL/SQL Pro C and Forms (v2 & 3) from 1994 starting on Oracle 6 and ending on 8i (I started server side Java from 2001).

I've found that the training org I was considering now offer 10g so I'll jump on that.

thanks for your thoughts :-)

See Ya
(when bandwidth gets better ;-)

Chris Eastwood
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