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Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 07:50:28 -0800 (PST)
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> >How to chose what to take probably depends on which version of Oracle
> >do you mostly support and how long before you work mostly in the
> >higher version.
> >Ash yourself how long before you can put the information to work?
> good question (and good frame of reference too)
> the problem is that not being employed at the moment I'm taking this
> opportunity to try to choose what's best for a market.
> still, I'm not sure if performance tuning concepts in 9i are transferable to
> 10g?
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If you are between jobs you might try looking at what version of Oracle most potential clients/employers are using. I would lean on taking a class on newer releases over older ones but if part of the reason is to have recent training on the resume then depending on the local market the class might have value.

In the case where the available classes are 9i and you really want 10g an alternate to class would be to download the free Oracle Express version. This version runs well on a normal PC under the standard XP OS. You could then use Express in conjuction with the 10g Performance and Tuning manual to gain knowlege.

To get training on the resume when you self-train on performance you could look for 10g classes on installation or backup and recovery.

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