Re: How secure is ASM? any encryption possible?

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 00:22:56 -0800
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> My company just spent a bomb on PGP entire disk encryption.
> Ok we do banking software and have several large banks as customers.
> We have systems on laptops for debugging/testing.
> Oracle is setup to use ASM on its own partition on the laptops.
> PGP can not encrypt it.!!!
> What I want to know is how secure the database is if the laptop is
> stolen/ disk removed.
> The c: drive which can be encrypted has the oracle applications. ini
> and .ora files.
> I have bios startup/disk passwords. PGP on windows drives.
> However I am being asked to put oracle data files on a PGP encrypted
> windows system instead of an ASM partition due to security.
> Tried google and not a lot shows up for hacking or reading oracle asm
> partitions.
> So I am asking how nest to secure ASM partitions. or how secure is
> ASM?
ASM has nothing to do with encryption or security. ASM is Oracle's Logical Volume Manager (LVM) for databases.

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