Disappearing Sessions - Can Code Alone Cause It?

From: Dereck L. Dietz <dietzdl_at_ameritech.net>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 10:00:51 GMT
Message-ID: <nxaxj.14195$R84.9904@newssvr25.news.prodigy.net>

Windows 2003 Server
16GB Memory (93% SGA( 93% Buffer Cache,<3% Shared Pool, <3% Large Pool), 7% PGA) Our off-site DBA is saying our code is causing the disappearing sessions because, to paraphrase him: that's the database it has to run in. That's why hes telling us to do things like incremental commits.

My question is: can code alone cause sessions to sometimes run to completion but other times just disappear without a trace?

I have a feeling he's trying to make us do work-arounds rather than trying to get to the actual root cause of this problem. Received on Wed Feb 27 2008 - 04:00:51 CST

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