Re: User Experiences with Data Pump Versus Legacy EXP/IMP

From: joel garry <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 10:26:47 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 24, 5:08 pm, EdLong <> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> We are running on Windows 2003. I have to move about a
> terabyte of Oracle data from one disk array to another; its split
> amongst 5 schemas or so. I'd like to solicit some user experiences
> with DataPump. You may infer that we have not had the best experience
> so far.
> I started with the largest subset, a single schema of about 200gb.
> Using traditional exp, sneaker net, import, this took about 24 hours
> to move. Of this, nearly 20 hours was the import. Target machine
> consists of 4 3ghz engines with beaucoup memory and little if any
> competing workload.

That seems slow, have you done everything you can to speed it up? In particular, using direct path for both exp and imp, and doing the imp with noarchivelog, then switching to archivelog and taking a backup can make a big difference. Have you checked to see what is slowing it down? Sometimes the I/O is just overwhelmed, especially if you are dependent on some RAID-5 with write buffers that get saturated.

> I've tried several different cuts at DataPump but found it somewhat
> unsatisfactory.
> It appears that at least in our shop at this level, The target
> directory for the expdp and the source directory for the impdp cannot
> be either a mapped drive or a USB drive. I could not find any
> documentation for these apparent limitations.
> The expdp says I can't open and write to the log file if its a map
> drive. The EXPDP appears to work when pointed at a USB drive. The
> impdp fails on a USB drive with a 'hard' i/o error after an hour or
> two of processing. I tried the latter at a parallel level of 4 and 2;
> I didn't try 1.
> What leads me to risk the wrath of Achilles and query this group is

Aw, all we want are decent questions! :-)


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