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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 17:48:26 GMT
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Hey Ho

In article <>, Helma <> wrote:

>> not so sure if it'd be a benefit if the market is no longer
>> interested in 9i certification.

>I'm not aware about the situation in India, but you seem to wonder if
>there are arguments to do a 10g certification in stead of an oracle9

perhaps that was my 'turn of phrase' ... basically they don't offer 10 certification, and I wondered if 9 was "not worth a pinch of s#17" anymore

> I would do the opposite: wonder if there are arguments to do a 9
>certification. An oracle10 cert will last longer, and it's IMHO easier
>to administer a 9 with a 10 cert, than vise versa. But that's my view.

yeah ... makes sence. So, is 9i worth anything anymore?

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>you wish.

well, not particularly, but sometimes these things become necessary

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