Re: NFS mounted stale redo log

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: 18 Feb 2008 10:15:26 GMT
Message-ID: <47b95abe$0$1342$>

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008 11:28:06 +0100, sybrandb wrote:

> OP may have set up an NFS-link 'somewhere' to an ordinary disk, not
> using NetApp.

Actually, it is, as of Oracle9i. You can see documents 551159.1 and 359515.1. Also, take a look at the following document: It says, and I quote:

"At this time Oracle believes that these three specialized storage technologies are well understood by the customers, are very mature, and the Oracle technology requirements are well know. As of January, 2007, Oracle will no longer validate these products. We thank our partners for their contributions to the OSCP."

That means that there are no "special" or "supported" NAS devices. Any NFS server v3 or v4 is supported. NFS files are supported and tested.

Mladen Gogala
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