Re: client side core dumps?

From: Ben <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 08:41:12 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Feb 12, 11:21 am, bdbafh <> wrote:
> Ben wrote:
> > win2K
> > does oracle ever create a core dump file on a client machine? I know
> > it must be a remedial question but In my 2.5 years working with oracle
> > administration I've never heard nor seen of a client side core dump,
> > and I just want to make sure.
> Are you including the case of distributed databases, where say an
> oracle database on w2k is making a client connection to
> another oracle database on w2k?
> I can recall generating ora-600 errors in the case of cursor_sharing =
> force in an oltp database ( w2k) connecting to a remote
> warehouse db (, RHEL x86) with cursor_sharing = exact, but
> that is a pretty unique case. was quite buggy.
> If not distributed databases, how is oracle (as a server side process)
> likely to create a core dump file on a client when its the calling
> application on the client desktop that would dump core.
> In w2k3 server, the core dumps will appear as messages to an admin
> logged into the console.
> By clicking through the boxes, one is able to have access to the files
> in the user's profile ... temp ... to a directory which name is made
> up on the fly. Copy if out of there into a permanent directory,
> because as soon as the happy messages are clicked through, the dump
> files are purged.
> I don't recall where they are for w2k.
> It probably involves Dr. Watson.
> -bdbafh

this is related to my post titled "application problems" the software vendor sent us a metalink note # 455832.1 and asked if we have seen any client side core dumps. I read the note and it doesn't specify if certain dump files would show up on the server or client ( I've always associated core dumps with the server ) so I wanted to make sure I wasn't just ignorant of the fact before I totally wrote it off. Received on Tue Feb 12 2008 - 10:41:12 CST

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