Re: Convert SAP Oracle Database to IBM DB2 Database??

From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 16:45:57 -0800
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Serge Rielau wrote:
> DA Morgan wrote:

>> Serge Rielau wrote:
>>> I suppose we both made our closing arguments.
>>> May others be the jury
>> The jury is the marketplace.

> I doubt the marketplace will settle the intended meaning of "CPU Usage"
> in this particular paper... It seems a bit minute....
> I do trust the readership (if not the loudest contributers) of this
> group to judge the matter however.
> Cheers
> Serge

Nobody gives a rip about CPU usage. Not once in my many years in IT have I ever sat into a meeting where the CTO looked the CIO straight in the eye and asked: "How does the CPU utilization compare?"

Decisions are made on fully burdened FTEs.

Decisions are made on amortization schedules and deprecation.

Decisions are made on the basis of auditor requirements.

Decisions are made based on cost/benefit analysis of meeting regulatory requirements.

Decisions are made based on finding resources to deploy and manage.

CPU usage? Couldn't care less. I need more CPUs ... I buy more CPUs. Ahh the beauty of RAC.

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