Re: Convert SAP Oracle Database to IBM DB2 Database??

From: Serge Rielau <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 09:02:10 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Noons wrote:
> On Feb 9, 5:43 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:

>> There are no schools that teach DB2, no universities, no colleges, no
>> trade schools, etc. And if you offered a DB2 class at the university

> I'd settle for finding ONE book
> about it in the bookshops over here...
> ONE single book.

Welcome to the internet age:

Cost to you: zero dollars
Value: Priceless

Search for Oracle, or DB2, or .. pick your stuff. Download PDF.


Serge Rielau
DB2 Solutions Development
IBM Toronto Lab
Received on Sun Feb 10 2008 - 08:02:10 CST

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