Re: Online Survey about web based IT training.... iPod raffle!!!

From: joel garry <>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 13:16:26 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 7, 12:18 pm, just_asking <> wrote:
> On Feb 7, 2:26 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> > On Feb 6, 7:39 pm, just_asking <> wrote:
> > > Dear Garry,
> > > I don't mind taking this survey post off if its going to anger so many
> > > people.  I have been trying to email moderators of different websites
> > > and discussion groups like, etc. for weeks seeking
> > > permission to post my survey link and no one has replied.  As a last
> > > ditch effort, I am put in this link myself.  It is by no means to
> > > offend or anger anyone.  The logic I used was, I am not selling
> > > anything, just asking for feedback, but in the form of a survey so
> > > that it is structured.   The marketing firm that helped create this
> > > survey is in no way responsible for the posting on this discussion
> > > board.
> > > We are trying to come up with good and affordable ERP courses to
> > > essentially help IT and non-IT professionals to become ERP
> > > implementors.  WE want to target markets segments of people who are
> > > being displaced by outsourcing and general layoffs...  I think its a
> > > good cause and there is no better forum than this to help define what
> > > is a good course.  But, if everyone feels that this post should not be
> > > here, I will take this link off.  I will wait for a couple of more
> > > replies and do accordingly.  Please note, I am an Oracle professional
> > > myself... and mean no disrespect to any usenet group or member.
> > > Infact I used to be a regular on this group myself years ago.
> > > Regards.
> > "...good and affordable ERP courses..." "...want to target markets
> > segments" - how much more specifically commercial can you be?  Why
> > don't you think is obviously a
> > better place for this sort of thing?
> > There are some posts where it is debateable whether they belong here
> > (for example, doing what you claim to do but for free), but your
> > survey isn't one of them.  As a regular, no matter how many years ago,
> > you ought to know that.
> > Are you a member of the marketing firm that helped create this
> > survey?  Of the company that will be using the results?  Does it make
> > a difference?
> > Now, if you are targetting "people who are being displaced by
> > outsourcing and general layoffs..." that might be a worthy goal - or
> > you might just be one of many fly-by-night companies aiming to fleece
> > those who are already down.  We have no way of knowing - it is even
> > possible you are being manipulated or are naive, such things have
> > happened.  Heck, it happened to the company I took a couple of OCP
> > exams at, it was the biggest advertiser on some local radio stations -
> > after a number of successful years, the guy just took off with a
> > million bucks, leaving a bunch of out-of-work people in the lurch,
> > responsible for loans
> > etc... and that wasn't even one of the fly-by-night ones.
> > jg
> > --
> > is bogus.  As the test pilot climbs out of the experimental
> > aircraft, having torn off the wings and tail in the crash landing, the
> > crash truck arrives, the rescuer sees a bloodied pilot and asks, "What
> > happened?" The pilot's reply, "I don't know, I just got here myself!"
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> JG, how do I remove this post?  I used the option in my post above...
> and this is what I got:
> +++++++
> You are not allowed to remove this message:
> just_asking Feb 6, 1:53 pm   Online Survey about web based IT
> training.... iPod raffle!!!
> Message ID: f382b88f-270c-45b5-b280-
> +++++++
> Please advise...
> I apologize for violating the charter of this group, this wasn't the
> intention at all.  Also, this initiative is well intentioned and its
> my dream.  I will try the group you suggested above, but will be
> careful this time and contact the admin (who in all probability I
> won't be able to find like all other usenet groups I tried) first...

You seem to have missed something - there is no admin. The cdo.* hierarchy is unmoderated. That is why people who take it upon themselves to police the group are so vigilant, the group is only as good as its posts. Many of us here have seen other groups get wiped out from spam. People who have a financial motivation can be particularly difficult to deal with, it's cheap to spam with little downside.

Google has it's own groups, and it's own rules for posting. It can be a bit confusing since they look like the usenet groups, and some usenet groups are moderated. But complaints to them about you posting from google sites may result in you not being able to post at all.

Why can't you remove your own post? I don't know, are you logged in the same as when you posted? You should be able to, if you can't, you need to ask in the google help groups what's going on. There are ways to remove your post by others, but that is generally considered "blackhat"  hacking these days, possibly illegal. Also, some sites don't honor cancellations, so your post stays there anyways. As far as I know, google honors cancellations, I've never had a problem cancelling my posts since they went away from requiring email confirmation (I post from a bogus address, but that is my real name), though I have seen posts take up to 12 hours.

Follow your dreams! Just don't spam.


-- is bogus.
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