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From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2008 19:20:07 +0100
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> Hello!
> I use Oracle 10G. I just want to get some more information what
> exactly some word mean in the net manager.
> Assume I bring up the Net Manager and click on Local and then click on
> Sevice Naming. Just below Service Naming I have the name utcas_ora10.
> If I click on the utcas_ora10 I get additional information on the
> right side.
> So on the right side I get two groups called Service Identification
> and Adress Configuration. In the group that is called Service
> Identification I have a field called Service Name which is utcas.
> Can somebody tell me what is the connection between this utcas_ora10
> and Service Name which is utcas and the physical name that is written
> in init.ora on the server.
> //Tony

None... unless you want a connection (service_name pops to mind)
Where did this utcas_ora10 come in? You did some configuring yourself, beforehand.

This being 10G, you do not need to configure anything; just make sure the listener is started, and the instance too. After a while, the instance has registered with the listener, check which services are supported when checking the status: lsnrctl status

That's all. In order to make a connection, make oracle_sid known to the environment (set on MS Windows, setenv, or export on *nixes), and just do:
sqlplus <user_name>/<user_password>


Frank van Bortel

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